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Mystic Fires: Fuel to Enliven Religious & Non-religious Hearts & Souls

Friends! The new book project I’m working on is called Mystic Fires: Fuel to Enliven Religious & Non-religious Hearts & Souls. 




Spiritual practices that work to “bring us there” – and do we ever need to get there. Helping different Traditions, Lineages, and Generations Respect, Connect, and Commune with each other and the Divine – or at least share the planet with each other less allergy. “Richard Brand meets Richard Rohr.” “Christianity meets Burning Man.”


In Mystic Fires, prominent advocate of progressive Christianity and author of Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity, Roger Wolsey argues that the essential elements of a deep Spiritual life —faith, transformation, a community of kindred spirits, and the experience of generous, unconditional love—are found within the esoteric and unconventional practices of non-Christians who are wary of the Church, as well as within the lesser known about contemplative aspects of Christianity.


Wolsey wants to help people within the Church to better understand how their family and friends who aren’t part of “the faith” may very well be partaking in practices that connect them to the presence of Spirit in their lives – and are helping them to heal, grow, and thrive; as well as to help the growing portion of society who have apprehension about Christianity to reduce that wariness and come to appreciate how the contemplative and mystic lineages within Christianity provide time-tested ways their Christian friends and family might employ to sense the vital presence of Spirit in their lives – and help them to heal, grow, and thrive. 


When it comes down to it, Wolsey suggests that all of these many lineages and practices are tools and portals that help people know and love themselves – and thus be better able to love others. Wolsey isn’t suggesting that Christians need to take mushroom journeys, participate in ayahuasca ceremonies, do yoga, chant at kirtans, or engage in polyamory, tarot cards or shamanic breathwork, etc. – nor is he saying that people who are spiritual but not religious need to partake in contemplative Christian practices or rituals – though he’s not saying they shouldn’t.  


  • Can you be Christian and do shadow-work, engage with tarot cards, see shamans, or take mushrooms or ayahuasca? If so, how can one do so with respect, integrity, and deal with the matter of appropriation? 

  • Can you be Christian and spiritually connected and deep?

  • Are you a Christian and trying to figure out if you need to be praying for friends and family who are seeking to connect to God outside of the Church? 

  • Are you a “Spiritual But Not Religious” person who has family members who are “praying for your soul so you don’t go to hell” because you aren’t engaged in Christianity? 

  • Were you raised in the church, no-longer active with it, still love Jesus, and yearn to know God blesses you and your spiritual journey?

  • Do you wonder if the Divine Spirit might be meaningfully at work providing healing and wholeness in many ways and through many practices?


Spiritual Director, United Methodist Pastor, and Author of Kissing Fish: Christianity for People Who Don’t Like Christianity, Roger Wolsey is an open-minded Christian mystic – or a mystic who happens to be Christian – who has taken deep dives in a wide range of spiritual practices and he explores these questions and more with great care, respect, reverence, and insight. 


Table of Contents


  • Introduction:  Why many are fleeing Christianity and going to Burning Man

  • Chapter 1:  Toxic & Dysfunctional Christianity: The Separations of Church & People, God & People, People & People, and People with Themselves

  • Chapter 2:  Body Building: Exercises to Develop the Healthy Body of Christ

  • Chapter 3:  Off our Butts & Out in the World:

  • Chapter 4:  Real Relating, Rites, & Rituals: 

  • Chapter 5:  Energy from the East:

  • Chapter 6:  Shamans, Shadows, & Sovereignty

  • Chapter 7:  Psychedelic Plants & Breaths  

  • Chapter 8:  Loving Big!

  • Conclusion:   Comparing, Contrasting, & Complimenting

  • Appendices:  End-notes, and Recommended Reading & Resource