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Life Coaching

Because we need Help. Transitions. Conflict. Work. Change.

  • 1 h
  • Let's talk.
  • Online, or in Person

Service Description

I offer Life Coaching to people who experiencing transitions in life or who are facing difficult dilemmas and challenges where they feel stuck and could benefit from a trained facilitator. I am exceptionally gifted in brain-storming and resourcing, and I'm trained in the 4 Gateways technique - a form of archetypal shadow work, that will help you to gain insight from various parts of yourself. I help you to find, listen, and own your own inner wisdom. I'm also helpful in helping you to learn about your personality - including the masks and armors you've adopted early in life that may not be serving you so well today. I excel in helping people embrace their true, authentic selves. Let's bring out the Real you!

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