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Know Yourself. Love Yourself. Love Others & The World.

Soul 2 Soul


creating books, blogs, and poems, and spiritual services to inform, transform, and inspire.



Welcome!  If you've found this page, you may've found a new kindred spirit, a spiritual friend, a brother in life, a soul friend, and coach to help you grow and thrive in life.


I’m a certified Spiritual Director through the Spiritual Direction Program of Benet Hill Monastery, an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church, and an advocate for progressive Christianity. I earned a Masters of Divinity degree from the Iliff School of Theology and am the author “Kissing Fish: Christianity for People Who Don’t Like Christianity." I'm currently working on a new book - stay tuned!

I don’t pretend to be fully whole, sanctified, perfect, or enlightened. I’m very much a work in progress - and I've learned some things, often the hard way, that I feel called to pass on. As I continue to evolve through life, I identify as a Christian mystic—or as a mystic who happens to be Christian. I hold an inclusive, inter-faith perspective and don’t think that any one religion has a monopoly on Spirit, Truth, Love, Grace, or God.

I embrace all human beings as fellow Children of God who are fully loved by the Creator just as they are. I'm here to support the Divine in us all. I seek to foster Wholeness — in Body. Mind. Soul.


My work can be summed up as helping you to: 

        Know Yourself. Love Yourself. Love Others & The World.
Let's work together Soul 2 Soul.

- Roger






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