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Know Yourself. Love Yourself. Love Others & The World.

Soul 2 Soul


is creating books, blogs, poems, and spiritual services to inform and inspire.



Welcome!  You have found a kindred spirit, a spiritual friend, a brother in life, a Soul Friend and Coach in Life.


I’m a certified Spiritual Director through the Spiritual Direction Program of Benet Hill Monastery, an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church and a prominent advocate for progressive Christianity. I earned a Masters of Divinity degree from the Iliff School of Theology and am the author “Kissing Fish: Christianity for People Who Don’t Like Christianity."

I don’t pretend to be fully whole, sanctified, perfect, or enlightened. I’m very much a work in progress. As I continue to evolve through life, I identify as a Christian mystic—or as a mystic who happens to be Christian. I hold an inclusive, inter-faith perspective and don’t think that any one religion has a monopoly on Spirit, Truth, Love, Grace, or God.

I embrace all human beings as fellow Children of God who are fully loved by the Creator just as they are. I’m a straight, white, cis male who is aware of my privilege and am resolved to use this privilege to help empower everyone—including those who are oppressed or marginalized by our current social structures. My work with men seeks to help other men share this resolve.

I value and seek to foster wholeness—in Body. Mind. Soul.


My work can be summed up as helping people to 

        Know Yourself. Love Yourself. Love Others & The World.
Let's work together Soul 2 Soul.

- Roger


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