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Soul Fire

 Know Yourself. Love Yourself.

 Love Others & The World.

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 Yearning to feel more presence and spiritual connection? 

Conflicted about your relationship with God, Spirit,

and the Divine? 

Feeling hurt and anger at the religion of your youth?

Longing for spiritual community yet feel unwelcome in conventional churches? 

Desiring to reconnect with your spiritual core and remember, and be, who you really are? 

Kindred spirit, spiritual friend, brother in life, soul friend, and coach to help you grow and thrive in life. I embrace all people as fellow children of God who are fully loved by our Creator just as we are. I'm here to support the Divine in us all. I foster Wholeness - in Body. Mind. Soul.

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Soul Fire - creating books, blogs, poems, and spiritual services to inform, transform, and inspire. Roger Wolsey LLC

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