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selected samples

On Being a NonAnxious Presence

in an Anxious Time

Feather - a Poem

Ending the Civil War: Ways to Engage

Befriending Bigots; Tough Guys Need Friends
Why I'm Spiritual *and* Religious

Lions, Tigers, & Progressives Oh My!
Have a Mystic New Year!

The Isthmus Of Isness - a poem about God
Cookies of Love: Encounter with Fred Phelps

Jesus is/isn't the Only Way 

16 Ways Progressive Christians Interpret the Bible

Atoning for Bad Theology

Was Luther Wrong?  
We're not "Just Passing Through"

Do You Gollumize? Making Idols of our Suffering

EarthMamaGaiaGoddess- a Poem

Theological Violence toward the Divine Feminine 

Ways Churches Could Bring Us to God

Jesus Didn't Endorse Swords
Social Justice; Band-Aids Aren't Enough
Holy Yogi Jesus was a Walrus - and so are You.


Roger on Patheos
Roger on Progressing Spirit 
Roger on Huffington Post
Roger on Elephant Journal
Roger on Sojourners

Roger interviewed 

Short Video Clips: ©


Mysticism Transcends Religion

What is Nature Church? 


Helping Unhoused/Homeless Persons

Creation Care is Essential 

Christianity in Crisis © Christianity 21, Phoenix AZ

What is Progressive Christianity?

What is faith?

Who is God?

What is Panentheism?

How does Progressive Christianity

differ from Fundamentalism?


What Biblical passages inspire you?

Tell us about your ministry.

What is Social Justice Christianity?


Where can I find social justice activism in my area?

What small things can improve social justice?

What makes a good Christian?

A progressive Christian view on the Bible

How were you called to ministry?

How do you see the afterlife?

Is the U.S. a Christian Nation?

Jesus Christ You're in Puerto Rico!

Faith & Patriotism

Spoken Word Poetry Sermons: ©


Lost & Found

Rock of Ages 2.0


Saved by the Lesbians

The Eyes Persist

Why we sing Gospel Music

Adventus Absurdus


Pressure Pots

Misc. Media:


NEW "Weirdaste": the odd blessings of God©

(start at 32:00 marker)

NEW! Zacchaeus, Jesus, and You: It's a matter of Presence 

Spiritual Direction: Be-ing Real ©

 "Managing the Waves" ©


"God's Promise of Blessing"
Social Justice & the legacy of MLK
(start at the 34:30min mark)

"Why Must I Chase the Cat?" © 
(a progressive view of sin)

Campus Ministry in Boulder

Dedicating the Murals at Wesley Chapel

Daily Camera: A Different Kind of Church

Wesley and Feeding the Homeless

When Milo Visited Boulder- The Guardian

Health Care Protest in Denver

Blessing Animals in Longmont, CO 


An Apology to LBTQ People

Mosaic Gospel Choir in Action!

News story about Mosaic Choir

Videos About "Kissing Fish":

God is in the House!

Kissing Fish vs. a Kick Ass God

Trumpet, Mime, & More!:


Under the Bridge 1
Parking Garage 1
Parking Garage 2

Opposable Thumbs ©

The Rose of Life ©
NEW Dance-Walking in L.A. (11:11-13-32)


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