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Roger is a compelling and charismatic communicator with a zest for life that is tremendously contagious. As both a talented writer and an engaging speaker, he exuberantly and simultaneously makes me laugh, think, and celebrate my own humanity.


- Karen Alonge

It is with great pleasure that I write a recommendation for Roger Wolsey. He represents the best and brightest of the current generation. I serve on the Board of Directors of the Wesley Foundation at C.U. - Boulder and I have been greatly pleased with his leadership, his pastoral skills, his administrative skills, his creativity, and his commitment. I do not hesitate to speak a good word for him

 - Rev. Wally Finley


Roger is a passionate, purpose-driven person who enjoys his work. I have had the pleasure of experiencing the benefits of Roger's work related to community outreach and opportunities for artistic/self expression through the events that he has hosted in Boulder.

He creates environments that are inclusive, supportive and empowering to each individual and group; his heart - his purpose - is reflected abundantly through the smiles and joyful feedback of the people who attend each event, service, or individual meeting. He is an inspiration to many by living an exemplary life "on purpose" and loving what he does. There is no doubt that the work Roger is doing is positively changing the lives of the people he encounters and serves.


- Kelly Cookson


I cannot recommend "Kissing Fish is so very good! The author is well-versed with biblical scripture and explains how Jesus' message of love in the gospels can be applied to the present day. If you have ever felt marginalized, judged, or criticized, this book will go a long way towards making you feel accepted and loved for who you are. It also offers advice about how to live more purposefully in terms of spiritual practices and helping others in this world. It's very therapeutic. People who will especially be attracted to this book: 1) Those who were raised in a church that made them feel rejected or judged;

2) People who want to read about a broader perspective on Christianity compared to what the media talks about; 3) Non-Christians who would like to learn about how they can work together with open-minded Christians to better the world around them; 4) Young adults who struggle to connect with a church but want to grow in their faith. The writing style is very accessible, personal, thoughtful, and entertaining. You will enjoy this book!


- Cynthia Beard

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