Roger Wolsey

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Passionate About Inspiring Others

People I like to meet: Spiritual explorers; people who have allergies to organized religion; people who've stepped in it; people who've eaten generous helpings of humble pie; people who've frozen their tongues to fences or flag poles; people who turn lemons into lemonade; people who have quirks that they used to get teased for - but are realizing that they're super-powers; people who've broken - and are realizing they're broken open to love!


  • I'm a Certified Spiritual Director through the Benet Hill Monastery in Colorado Spring, CO (a rigorous 2 year training)

  • I'm a Certified Facilitator in the 4 Gateways method of Archetypal Shadow Work

  • I'm an ordained United Methodist pastor (elder) 

  • I've been a participant in several retreats run by the Men's Leadership Alliance, and participated in the Inner King Retreat in Loveland, CO.

  • I attended the Goldston School of Mime

  • Certified Crisis Intervention Counselor 

  • Certified Mediator (conflict management)

  • I'm CPR certified. 

  • Eagle Scout - I'm prepared. 

  • I'm a published author - and working on my next book!

  • I've blogged for Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, and Patheos ("The Holy Kiss")

  • I'm an avid runner, yogi, poet, photographer trumpeter, and dancer (over 35 years of experience with most).

  • I've founded several non-profit organizations, have served as president, and/or on their board of directors. Including the Boulder International Fringe Festival; Wesley Foundation at C.U. - Boulder; and