Roger Wolsey

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Speaker, Blogger, Fellow Human

I have been a speaker at The Wild Goose Festival (3 times), The Embrace Festival, The Lion and The Lamb Festival, and Christianity 21. I’ve blogged for Elephant Journal, Huffington Post, and now primarily for Patheos as “The Holy Kiss.” I’m the author of Kissing Fish, and am the administrator of the Kissing Fish Facebook fan-page. I am also a contributing writer for the John Shelby Spong weekly newsletter “Progressing Spirit,” and serve on the Board of Directors of 

I am also an experienced wedding officiant (including premarital counseling), and help grieving families celebrate and remember their deceased loved ones through meaningful, personalized funerals and memorials.

Those things are nifty, but I’m just a human—a fellow human being who’s learned many things the hard way in life. I turned 50 last year and experienced a text-book midlife crisis as part of that transition—as my “Chiron returned.” 

Places I've Been, Things I Love

Originally from Minnesota, I spent the last 20 years in Boulder, Colorado, and currently reside in Iowa City, Iowa. I have a twin sister and am the father of wonderful 19-year-old son.


I’m an arts lover, theater-goer, live music lover, blues dancer, yogi, trail runner, motorcyclist, trumpeter, and photographer.* Centering prayer, spending time sitting at my personal altar, Lectio Divina, reading and writing poetry, and being out in nature with contemplative presence are my primary spiritual practices.


I lead men’s groups, have done retreats through the Men’s Leadership Alliance, and I have training in shadow work, dream work, authentic relating, and circling; as well as experience with tarot, the Enneagram, plant medicine, and various shamanic healing modalities. I value and seek to foster wholeness—in Body. Mind. Soul. My work is increasingly a matter of presence - being present to Presence, and bringing that presence to others, being present to you.

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I embrace all human beings as fellow Children of God who are fully loved by the Creator just as they are. I’m a straight, white, cis-gender male who is aware of my privilege and am resolved to use this privilege to help empower everyone—including those who are oppressed or marginalized by our current social structures. My work with men seeks to help other men share this resolve. My work isn't limited to men however! I seek to help all of us grow to be the best we each can be.

People I like to meet: spiritually curious explorers; wounded healers; people with allergies to organized religion; people who spiritual but not religious - as well as people who are spiritual and religious; people who've stepped in it; people who've eaten generous helpings of humble pie; people who've frozen their tongues to fences or flag poles; people who've face-planted in life; people who turn lemons into lemonade; people who have quirks that they used to get teased for—but are realizing that they're super-powers; people who've broken—and are realizing they're broken open to love!



  • I'm a Certified Spiritual Director through the Benet Hill Monastery in Colorado Springs, CO (a rigorous 2 year training)

  • Round one 12 week training in 4 Gateways method of Archetypal Shadow Work

  • I'm an ordained United Methodist pastor (elder) 

  • I've been a participant in several retreats run by the Men's Leadership Alliance, and participated in the Inner King Retreat in Loveland, CO.

  • I attended the Goldston School of Mime

  • Certified Crisis Intervention Counselor 

  • Certified Mediator (conflict management)

  • I'm CPR certified. 

  • Eagle Scout—I'm prepared. 

  • I'm a published author—and working on my next book!

  • I've blogged for Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, and Patheos ("The Holy Kiss")

  • I'm an avid runner, yogi, poet, photographer trumpeter, and dancer (over 35 years of experience with most).

  • I've founded several non-profit organizations, have served as president, and/or on their board of directors. Including the Boulder International Fringe Festival; Wesley Foundation at C.U. Boulder; and