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"your curl"

the thing is you are the ocean

the thing is so am i

the thing is oceans are tidal and their bodies ebb and flow with the moon’s wax and wane

the thing is oceans are filled with waves that unceasingly come and go, continually pouring in one after the other

the thing is no one wave is better than another they’re all equally good, right, and well

the thing is there’s something about that one wave that is you, in the ocean of you, that somehow seems unique and special

it’s momentum, it’s foam, bubble, height, pitch, and curl

yes the curl, your curl, the wondrous way it deviates from the pure Fibonacci, that divergence, that delightful variance, that particular pressure, spray, and lilt..

makes my salt pump

i know this wave, that part of you, is fleeting and will only last but a moment

but this moment of you i cherish beyond all others

the thing is my ocean smiles

the thing is i’m that wave too.

~ roger wolsey

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