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Retreat Facilitator

Leading Experiences to help People Deepen & Grow

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Service Description

In today's go-go, hustle bustle world taking some time away to relax and renew is vital. It's essential. It's needed. With 25 years of professional ministry under my belt (14 of them leading a campus ministry at a major university) I've led dozens of gatherings to help people to find some quiet, remember who they are, and reclaim their best selves in the company of others. I specialize in Spiritual Retreats that include contemplative practices such as Meditation; Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, conscious communing in Nature; Dream Work; Grief work; Spiritual Journaling; Poetry; Photography; Creative Expression; Shadow Work; Creating a Personal Altar; and learning about and appreciating our different Personality types; as well as retreats focusing on Men's Work; Healthy Masculinity and Femininity; progressive Christianity; Brain Storming; Authentic Relating, Circling; Conflict Management; and helping organizations Dream, Vision, and move toward their best future. **I also have a solid network of colleagues and co-facilitators who I work with to include still more features including: Improv; Yoga; Massage; Psychology; Tantra; Healthy Sexuality; Shamanism; Breath work; Mysticism; Music; Ecstatic Dance; Contact Improv; Nutrition; Organizing; the Environment - and more! Just let me know, and I will curate the right team and leave your people feel reinvigorated, recharged, relaxed, relatable, and ready to re-engage with the "real" world in robust new ways. You can host the retreat at your own setting, or work with me find the right retreat center for you.

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